Chongming Eco-Island Presentation

Around 620 AD, during the reign of Wude in Tang Dynasty, Chongming Island appeared from the river through years after years’ sand accumulation, which was called Dongsha and Xisha. Around 937 AD, during the period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, a town was established in Xisha and named “Chongming”. In July 2016,Chongming turns into a district from a county of Shanghai. Chongming district consists of Chongming Island, Changxing Island and Hengsha Island, the total area of which is 1411 square kilometers. Chongming district has 16 towns and 2 villages. Chengqiao town is the seat of the district government and also the political, economic, and cultural center. The registered population of the three islands is about 0.67 million. Chongming is the world largest alluvial sand island, with estuarine delta geomorphy. As the geological relics is abundant and the scenery is unique all over the world, Chongming is called the national geological park.

In 2005, Shanghai issued the General Plan of Chongming Three Islands,which established the six functions of Chongming,that is, Forest Garden Island, Ecological Habitat Island, Leisure Vacation Island, Green Food Island, Marine Equipment Island and Science-Technology Island. In January 2010, Shanghai Municipal Government issued Construction Outline of Chongming Ecological Island which further focuses on the aim and path to build a modern ecological island. On 10th, March 2014, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) issued Report of the international assessment on Chongming ecological island, which fully approved the staged achievments of Chongming ecological island construction.In December 2016, the 13th Five-Year Plan for Chongming World-class Ecological Island Development was released.Chongming has opened a new journey to build a world-class ecological island.

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