Organization responsibilities:

In order to deepen the overseas talent pooling project, enhance the internationalization of Shanghai's personnel, and broaden the channels for overseas talent pooling, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau set up the France Liaison Office of Shanghai Association for International Exchange of Personnel in Paris in 2003.
The purpose of the France Liaison Office is to promote exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and France (including French speaking regions) in various fields such as industry, agriculture, commerce, finance and economics, science and technology, education, medicine and culture through the exchange of talent between China and France so as to promote Shanghai's socialist economic construction and Social development and international friendly exchanges.
In recent years, the Association has set up liaison offices in major countries such as the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan.

main function:

Exchanges of talents with France and French speaking regions and intellectual introduction.
Development and cooperation between civil organizations and official agencies in France, Europe and the French-speaking regions in Europe and North Africa at all levels, enhance understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Frence people, actively carry out training activities and engage personnel exchange activities such as experts to conduct intellectual property research works.

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